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Flex Evac

Flex-Evac evacuation indicators are an effective and efficient way to show that a room still needs to be checked during an evacuation or emergency.

How They Work:

After staff evacuate a room, they lift the flap on the Flex-Evac tag and attach it to the door frame with a magnet hiding the photoluminecent tag.  This exposes a VACANT sign and creates a link between the door and the door frame.  If the door is reopened, the link is broken and the flap drops down, covering the VACANT sign and re-exposing the photoluminescent marker.  This marker which is visible in dark and smoke-filled corridors indicates the room must be checked.  The markers stay illuminated for 4-6 hours and rapidly self-charge once re-exposed to light.

Most other products indicate that the room has been checked (with either a flag or a drop down stick) and in a sweep you must check each door so that none are missed.   With the Flex-Evac, the photoluminescent marker shows when the room is VACANT, resulting in a much quicker evacuation and sweep.

Please Note:  Any room evacuation system should be mounted below door handle height in the event of smoke filling a hallway and obscuring higher mounted devices.

Why Flex-Evac?

  • Features both reflective and photoluminescent markers
  • Saves time in evacuation by highlighting with the patch which rooms need to be checked vs. which rooms have already been checked and cleared.
  • Durable and able to withstand wheelchair and cart contact
  • Designed by a firefighter
  • Most economical evacuation indicator on the market
  • Policy and procedure included with order


$7.95 each


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